Luxon MX offers the highest quality components available through the use of advanced engineering technology not otherwise available in the motocross industry. Our product line is focused on high performance triple clamps and suspension linkages. We often offer various one-off or limited production parts as well. Check out our product pages using the menu above to see what we have for your application.


2013+ KTM/Husqvarna Triple Clamps - Pre-production Model

In the transition from prototype to production, we often run a pre-production manufacturing batch. The pre-production parts are tested and we make minor revisions before going to production. In this case, the clamps are minimally different from our production versions with different mounting for the FI light, different finishes and colors, and minor geometric changes for manufacturability. Limited quantities available, includes upper and lower clamps, steering stem, a full set of steering bearings and seals, 1 1/8" bar mounts and cones, titanium bolts, anti-seize, steering stem bolt, FI light bracket, and decals. Stock 22mm offset.

$849.95 $649.95