A change to your suspensions motion ratio or ride height can dramatically alter performance. Through exhaustive analysis, testing, and tuning, our suspension linkages are designed to extract the maximum performance your bike can deliver. All of our linkages are made in the USA at our San Diego facility and utilize stock size bearings and seals for direct interchangeability and ease of installation.

Adjustable Link with Bearings, 2015.5+ KTM/Husqvarna

Our lightweight link arm is precision machined from billet aluminum, anodized black, and laser etched. Our link is 30g lighter than stock and offers easily adjustable lengths via a simple eccentric insert system from stock to +5mm in 1mm increments. Tune your ride height and suspension curve trackside in minutes. Includes everything pictured (1st photo): link, eccentric inserts, bearings, shaft, and seals. Fits 2015.5+ model year KTM and Husqvarna motocross models.


Relay Arm, 2015.5+ KTM/Husqvarna

This relay arm is stock geometry; precision CNC machined from billet aluminum and anodized black. Includes everything as pictured: relay arm, bearings, shafts, collars, and seals. Fits 2015.5+ model year KTM and Husqvarna motocross models. This was a one-off pre-production run, limited quantities available.


Relay Arm, N2D Geometry, 2015.5+ KTM/Husqvarna

Designed in collaboration with Luxon MX, N2Dirt Suspension has created a high performance linkage to address the shortcomings of the 2015.5+ KTM/Husqvarna rear suspension. This linkage corrects the motion of the rear suspension delivering increased traction, bottoming resistance, and predictable handling. Precision machined from billet aluminum, hard-anodized grey, and laser etched. Includes relay arm, bearings, and seals. Available for 2015.5+ model year KTM and Husqvarna motocross models. Stiffer springs and valving changes are required and available through N2Dirt Suspension. This product is sold through N2Dirt Suspension (click the "Buy Now" link to redirect to their website).